Refined, sophisticated, but still sexy. The top with long sleeves and a bateau neckline is made of elastic tulle  and topped by ornaments of rebrodace. The gown made of cady is slightly flared, so it falls gently on hips and opens on the hem giving it a very sensual form and bringing out the femininity of the bride.


For a modern day princess, fresh design that combines volume with delicate lightness. The gown is roundly cut with layers of organza and a long tail. The top consists of a mikado base and a drapery of organza. On the front the criss-crossed drapery finishes with two tips giving an interesting detail to the dress. On the back the drapery is pulled to the left side to a detachable tail that finishes the romantic look.


Sophisticated and fascinating basic lines. The top with its squared neckline starts austere but becomes creative with organza borders circling the neckline and armholes. The seriousness of the dress is in contrast to the deep v-neck on the back. The gown is folded on the back to create a beautifully pompous effect.


A classic with some vivacity. The dress is composed of horizontal bands of mikado and duchess satin that sewn together create the striped effect between shiny and opaque. The top is bustier styled whereas the gown starts folded and opens wide. The waistline is highlighted with a draped belt of duchesse satin that forms a shiny bow on the back.


Elegant, sexy and modern at the same time. The dress is made of silk faille and has a classical redingote styled skirt. The simple and small top leaves d꤯lletage uncovered. The sexy detail of the dress is the back that remains almost bare, only to be covered with elastic tulle and boning. The modern part are the pockets, a suitable detail for a trendy bride.


A simple but exquisite dress. The base of the top is made with elastic tulle that leaves the back visible, and the bust is covered by a drapery of georgette. The fine lined gown is fitted from the waist but slightly flares around the hemline. The dress got its value and details from lines of Swarovski gems that circle the armholes, neckline and waist.


With the tulle skirt
A massive flower of mikado blossoms in the front of the top, and is followed by an extremely long tail. This dress has two different skirts to choose from, as the top is an individual piece. The romantic option is a gown made of countless layers of tulle.

With mikado skirt
The sophisticated option is a fishtail formed gown in mikado.


Exotic elegance that tells the tales of the lands far, far away. The dress is entirely covered with flowery ornaments from its long sleeves to high neckline. The slightly transparent dress has a well fitted slip made of satin underneath.


Elegant and refined dress all in mikado. The front of the top is wrapped together with a double bow giving it a classy look. The back of the top has two long bands falling along the tail of the dress giving it a very unique line.


A dress of powerful and formal lines made in georgette. The style of a modern day empress consists of vertical drapery on the top and strips that fall alongside of the gown giving it a touch of delicate elegance.


A dress of undeniable beauty with some oriental influence. The top is covered with ornaments of lace and organza. The gown of organza has two lace borders on the hem and lace flowers applied above them, which create the harmony of the design.


Unique and innovative design made in neoprene, designed using a computer and cutted with laser. The laser cut designs on the top form a one of a kind lace, and flowers and leaves made by the same technique decorate the whole dress.


Pink, violet and light blue stripes of organza create the play of colors on this dresses bustier styled top. The mikado gown is lightly fish tailed and its pink color gives it a gentle and delicate touch. On the back detachable tail consisted of numerous bands and pieces of colored organza bring the movement and playfulness to the magic combination.


A dress of many themes and many occasions, simple or surprising. The base is a bustier top with a short pencil skirt made of satin and a special lace full of decorational gems and pearls.

Taffeta gown
With an additional gown of taffeta can be created a romantic 18th century look in the style of Marie Antoinette. The very light gown is wrapped around the waist and closed with two long taffeta stripes that also form the belt. The gown is opens up in the front revealing beautiful details of the combination.

For a sassy bride there’s a detachable tail made of mikado and taffeta pliss that create a curly movement with an exceptional volume. It is attached to the dress with four invisible buttons in the back.


Simple, elegant, high valued but still playful. This dress consist of a short satin slip with thin shoulder straps and a same length dress with long sleeves, entirely made of lace. The back has a long line of Swarovski buttons that create its high value and a shiny detail. The spirit of this combination is young and sparkly.



A light cloud of romantic dreams. The low-waisted top made of duchess satin has a heart shaped neckline and a pink belt highlighted by a big organza rose. The extremely wide skirt is covered by a field of organza ruches where blossom the large pink roses that give the dress the real princess styled romance.


A sparkling and young styled dress. The top consists of lace topped taffeta where the crossed pieces create a deep v-neckline. The lower part is a short pencil skirt made of taffeta. The high waistline is wrapped in a draped taffeta belt that creates a massive girly bow on the back.


An extremely well fitted fishtail dress brings out the curves and an extremely puffed long tail. The top has long sleeves made of tulle and decorated by lace ornaments covering and revealing in the most sensual way.


A dress of romantic architecture. Despite the playfulness of the pink organza ruches it has the sophisticated form of a fishtail skirt. The top has a drapery of organza that starts a ruche which continues as a shoulder strap all the way to the back. The style is spiced up with youth, freshness and new dimensions.